December 14, 2014: Let’s take a moment to realize the TRUE gift of Christmas. We run around on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and all the other discount days, just to get the greatest deal on something materialistic. Mary and Joseph were turned away because there was no room for them in the inn. Jesus came into the world and was wrapped in rags, yet He ended up giving us the greatest gift of all-ETERNAL LIFE!


January 11, 2015: “Look Where He’s brought Me From”-Psalm 66:16 You’ve been tested, everything and everybody seems to be against you, and then FINALLY you get brought to your blessing. You should have a personal acknowledgement of what God has done for you. Don’t let others try to tell your testimony. When you tell your story, people need to know that you’ve been changed, crucified, and cared for.


February 1, 2015: Revelation tells us that there are evil forces at work in the world, Jesus is Lord, and God has rewards for the faithful. Jesus told John to write to the seven churches so they could be read and passed around Asia. Many wonder if God cares about the present day churches. The letters to the seven churches tells us He does because He knew each church’s situations. Jesus told John to write about specific people, places, and events. The believers were praised for their successes and were told how to correct their failures. Jesus cares for these churches and He cares for yours too. Your Christian family that you worship and serve with is God’s vehicle for changing the world.


March 8, 2015:1 Corinthians 11:17-34. The Lord’s Supper is a visible representation symbolizing Jesus’ death for our sins. It reminds us of Jesus’ promise of His return. It’s a time of remembrance, repentance, and renewal. When we participate in Holy Communion, we strengthen our faith through fellowship with Christ and other believers.


March 15, 2015: Youth Day message from Rev. Dr. Mark V. Johnson, Jr. of Charity Church: “Turned Down for What” (Luke 18:35-43) We live in a society where drugs, poverty, racism, and other negative things plague us, but that is no reason to limit your praise for God. Don’t turn down due to your predicament. Your predicament doesn’t dictate the promise for your life. Don’t turn down because of people. People are nothing more than haters that can help you. Don’t turn down your praise!


March 22, 2015: Youth & Young Adult Moment from Min. Renae Johnson: We always tend to see various people on the corners with cardboard signs asking for help for an association, team, or due to homelessness. If you had to stand on the corner right now with a sign displaying your current spiritual state, what would yours say?


August 16, 2020: Morning Service – 1 Kings 19:1-9